Alchemy knows change often can be scary and that moving to a new transcription solution might cause you to quiver with fear.  But, rest assured that we are very experienced in helping our clients through the transition process in a seamless and pain-free manner.  Our priority is first and foremost to insure that the quality of your patient-care does not suffer and we custom design each transition plan to guarantee this.  So, whether you require a slow, steady transition, or you need a rapid conversion because you are already way behind, Alchemy has the experience to craft a plan that meets your needs

Alchemy believes that that we have to earn our right to serve you every day, this is why our standard business agreement does not bind you to us.  You are not required to guarantee any amount of business with us, and most of our clients have no start-up costs.

Dissatisfied with your current transcription solution but afraid of what lurks if you change?  Call Alchemy and learn why the grass truly is greener on the other side.

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