Many view text messaging as realm of teenagers but in the past few years this has changed dramatically. It is now used widely across all age groups for a variety of purposes and it has even replaced voice as the preferred communication method for most people.  Across the board, texting growth and acceptance is exploding; for instance surveys show that texting is now the preferred communication method over voice mail, and, that the 55+ age group is the fastest growing text segment. However, the use of text messaging, especially for commercial purposes, can easily become overbearing. Alchemy’s InTouch Text Services are designed to make sure that you can communicate with your patients in a beneficial and non-intrusive manner.

Alchemy custom designs a unique texting program for each client to meet their specific goals and objectives. Most clients are looking to increase time efficiency (and revenue) and reduce the burden on over-worked staffs, and the first priority is typically to help improve the patient scheduling system. There are of course many companies attempting to solve this problem with automated voice systems or texting systems. The short fall of these solutions is they communicate to patients, not with them, and this is what separates Alchemy from the competition. Alchemy provides not only texting technology but the people and mechanisms to interact with patients. Behind each text we send is an Alchemy employee and our system is designed so that we can instantly know that a patient has responded to our text and take appropriate action.