Social Media

In addition to Alchemy’s team of healthcare professionals, we also possess the skills to develop highly customized Facebook pages and website.   Each client’s Facebook and website is developed with unique graphics, content and navigation.  We do our work quickly and economically, and we can also manage your site for you and keep your content fresh and pertinent.

Most developers are just that, developers.  They approach the design of your site from the perspective of a software engineer.  But, we are healthcare professionals and we understand that each person you reach with your website or Facebook page needs to be treated like a patient or potential patient.   This results in a fundamentally different experience for those who visit your site or Facebook page.

For instance, if you are dentist who used a national web provider to develop your site, do you find that your site happens to look and feel very similar to some of your competitors?  Does much of your content match that of your competitors?   If so, what will compel a potential new client to choose you over one of your competitors?  And, if your website is so similar to your competitors why is your bill so high? Or, did you use a local web developer to build your site and now they’ve vanished?  Has your website been static for weeks? Or even months or years?  Regardless, Alchemy is here to help you create a professionally developed website that will accurately reflect the services and spirit of your practice, and will help you keep it alive and attractive in the months and years to come.

The importance of Facebook cannot be underestimated.  If you do not have a Facebook page, or even worse, have a page is not maintained, then Alchemy can help you.  Facebook is often the number one source of traffic to provider’s web sites.  If you are not actively managing your Facebook page with fresh content and one-to-one responses to comments, feedback and inquiries then you may be doing damage to your business.  Alchemy is experienced in helping businesses (even those outside of the healthcare field), jump in and take advantange of Facebook’s power.

Consultation with Alchemy on these services is free.  Contact us to learn more about what Alchemy can do for you.