Alchemy is committed to maintaining strict confidentiality and information security.  Our IT infrastructure and file transfer procedures are very advanced.  We offer our clients a variety of different solutions based on how they would like files to be transferred, information accessed, frequency of access, etc.  We would like to create a highly secure arrangement that meets your needs.

All of our transcription takes place inside the walls of our facility and never leaves the premises.  Additionally, our facility is secured by an onsite armed guard around the clock.  Additionally all of our employees are bound by confidentiality agreements and our internal HIPAA compliance officer continually looks at our processes to guarantee compliance.   Finally, our transcriptionists are all RNs and are bound by the Nightingale Pledge, a professional oath that commits them to preserving patient confidentiality.

“How safe your information safe?  Alchemy’s employees are bound by the Nightingale Pledge and our facility is secured around the clock by an armed guard.”