Alchemy was founded on the principle that quality must be paramount to everything we do because our work directly impacts patient care.  We also know that the highest level of quality can only be achieved when the utmost attention to detail is applied in every step of the process, and the work is performed by people who have the training and experience to do things right.

Alchemy’s quality begins with an initial transcription performed by a Registered Nurse.  Alchemy is the only company in the world exclusively using licensed medical professionals to perform this task and it provides us with a high quality base for all of our work; however, we don’t stop there.  We then proceed to a multi-level editing process that includes peer review, M.D. review, language review and Alchemy’s unique group review.  In the group review, key members of the transcription team gather to listen to the dictation as a group and review the transcription after all of the other editing steps to produce the final product.

“We could do it faster and we could do it cheaper but we never will, because even though the patients don’t know who we are, they are counting on us.  Are your patients getting this commitment level from your current transcription provider?”

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