Alchemy’s mission is to use a combination of powerful technology and a highly skilled workforce to create a virtual extension to healthcare provider teams.  In doing so we can increase the capacity of their staff, improve the efficiency of their operations, and most importantly, better the quality of the care they can give their patients.

Alchemy is the world’s only company exclusively using licensed health care professionals for transcription. All of our transcriptionists are Registered Nurses (RNs) and as a result, we do not just transcribe – we comprehend.  And while our cost per line is industry leading, Alchemy was founded on the principle that quality must be paramount to everything we do because our work directly impacts patient care. That is why our transcription process begins and ends with Registered Nurses, and our unique multi-level editing process means that our work is double and triple checked before you even see it.

Our InTouch Suite of products currently includes Texting, Live Chat and Social Media services.  These services are all designed to provide new means of interacting with patients, increasing revenue, removing burdens from overworked staffs, and virtually stretching office hours.  Our InTouch Services are all based on a combination of exciting new technology and a highly skilled workforce.  Our competitors use automated responses, bots,  and cookie content that leaves patients feeling like a number.  But, InTouch Services are based on live people, real-time responses, and highly personalized content so patients know that they are special.