Q. What is the biggest difference between Alchemy and other transcription companies?

A. Alchemy was founded as a health-care company not a transcription company.  Our transcription team is formed exclusively with RN, and as a result, we treat our transcription work with the same care and concern that we would apply to a patient, we comprehend what we transcribe, and we pride ourselves on being an extension of client’s health-care teams.

Q. How competitive are Alchemy’s costs?

A. Alchemy’s rates are extremely aggressive but vary based on turn-around time requirements, average line count, and area of specialization.

Q. Where are your employees located?

A. Our sales and support team is based in Sioux City, IA and our transcription team is primarily based in our facility in San Fernando, La Union, The Philippines.  We do also have some limited transcription that occurs in our US facility.

Q. What type of contract is required?

A. Our clients will sign a standard service agreement and a confidentiality agreement to ensure that HIPAA requirements are being followed by each party.  Our standard agreement does not force our clients to make any specific business commitment to us so their decision to continue to do business with us can be made on a daily basis.

Q. Do you ever outsource or subcontract any of your transcription work?

A. No. Alchemy does not allow non-Alchemy employee to be involved in the transcription process, and all transcription work inside of Alchemy facilities.  Alchemy employees are not allowed to take work home or to remove any data from our facility.